Signs You Should Hire a Mouse Removal Service

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No one wants to deal with an unwanted mouse in the home. One of the most common reasons for pest control services, mice infestations can be unsettling, annoying, and unhygienic. If you are concerned you might have a mouse problem, here are some of the most common signs you should hire a mouse removal service.

Signs You Should Hire a Mouse Removal Service

  • Scratching noises. When you’re trying to fall asleep, scratching noises are not what you want to hear. Mice are nocturnal, so if you’re hearing scratching noises that seem to be worse when you’re trying to sleep, you might have mice scurrying around in your walls at night.
  • Smudgy tracks on the floors. Mouse paws moving along your floors can leave trails of smudges, urine, and other residue. A larger infestation would show more trails that are more noticeable, so keep an eye out for those.
  • Droppings. One of the key signs that you need a mouse removal service is the presence of mouse droppings. These droppings can make you very sick, so if you notice them, be sure to use gloves and face coverings and contact a pest control professional.
  • Holes or tears in your things. Mice like to chew on different things to gather materials for nests. If you’ve noticed holes or gnawing marks on things like clothes, boxes, drawers, and fabrics, you might have a mouse problem.

A professional mouse removal service is key to solving a mouse infestation. If you have a mouse problem that needs to be taken care of, contact our professional exterminators at Pest Advisor.