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How Bed Bug Removal WorksOf all household pests, bed bugs are some of the most irritating, as they tend to live inside furniture and mattresses, leaving anyone who sits or lies on an infested piece covered in itchy bites. Fortunately, our team here at Pest Advisor offers bed bug removal treatments to help you get rid of this problem. There are two main methods for bed bug removal – heat treatment and insecticides – and in this article, we’ll go over how each one works in order to help you make an informed decision about which is best for your needs.

  • Heat Treatment- The heat treatment method of bed bug removal works just how you’d think it would based on its name: special equipment is used to increase the temperature of the room, raising it to between 135 and 145 F (57.3 and 62.7 C) and keeping it there for at least 6 hours. Bed bugs and eggs will die immediately when exposed to temperatures of 122 F (50 C) or more, so this method is highly effective at getting rid of these pests.
  • Insecticide Treatment- Also as its name suggests, insecticide bed bug removal uses various chemicals to poison these pests. Typically, three types are used: a fast-acting contact insecticide for surfaces that humans touch frequently, a residual one for cracks and crevices (and even the inside of furniture), and a dust insecticide for things like baseboards and electrical outlets. This combination of chemicals works together to wipe out the bed bugs and prevent more from hatching.