Hire an exterminator who knows what they’re doing.

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It’s not enough to keep your home clean and your yard well-maintained to prevent pest infestations. The pests we get here in Lakeland, Florida are persistent, and they’ll invade any place that provides shelter, food, and a cool environment, especially during the intense heat and humidity of the summer.

Hire an exterminator who knows what they’re doing.

What this means for you is that you need an exterminator to come to your home regularly to spray, look for new infestations, and suggest solutions for keeping pests outside where they belong. At Pest Advisor, we want to be your exterminator. We’re reliable, friendly, experienced, and all the things you could want in a pest control company.

Call us to come and help if you’ve noticed a new infestation in your home, or if you want to make preventative maintenance a priority. Either way, we’ll provide friendly, effective service, implementing solutions that get rid of your pest problem and keep new ones from showing up.

Not only do we have experience as a pest control company, but we have experience with pest control in this specific area. We know which pests you’re most likely to get in your home, and we have refined our solutions over and over again to effectively target common bugs you’re most likely to encounter while you live here.

Don’t let that pest problem get out of hand. Say goodbye to pesky critters invading your home by choosing us as your exterminator. To have us come out and provide effective pest control at your home, get in touch with us today.