Ant Control: 3 Tips To Keep Ants Out Of Your Kitchen

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Ants can quickly become an overwhelming problem for homeowners. If ants find a way inside your home, they can be an enormous inconvenience. At Pest Advisor, we can help with ant control in your home with our pest control services. Along with our helpful service, we want you to have the knowledge needed to prevent future infestations. So here are 3 tips to keep ants out of your kitchen:

  • Tip #1: Keep It Clean. Clean up any messes immediately to discourage ants from entering your kitchen. We suggest never leaving dirty dishes out, sweeping or mopping your floors regularly, and consistently wiping down counters and shelves to remove any sources of food residue. A clean kitchen will not attract ants and won’t provide the food they need to stick around.

Ant Control: 3 Tips To Keep Ants Out Of Your Kitchen

  • Tip #2: Food Storage. If ants can smell food, they will come looking for it. If you store your food in sealed containers, you can restrict their access to that important food source and provide effective ant control. Without easy access to food, ants will not stick around.
  • Tip #3: Protect Any Entrances to Your Home. Use caulking to seal any cracks or entrances that ants may use to enter your home. You can also use citrus as a natural repellent at entrances. If you notice ants near your home, vinegar does a great job of removing scent markers. Ants leave these behind for the rest of the colony to find and follow. Creating barriers to any entrance in your home will restrict ants’ access and prevent them from entering.

If you need more help with ant control, give us a call at Pest Advisor. We can provide useful solutions to all of your pest problems.