5 Signs That Termite Control Is Necessary

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Termites are very common in Florida. The damage they can cause to your home is astronomical. If you have noticed signs of termites, it’s important to get help right away. Termites need to be immediately removed so that they don’t cause any more destruction and increase safety concerns. Here are 5 signs that termite control is necessary:

  1. You See A Termite. Many people comment that termites look like white ants. Although they have thicker waists than ants and different sized wings, they do have a common appearance. You may see termites flying around your home as well. This is not usually a good sign because they often fly to create new colonies. You may also notice discarded wings near doors or windows.

5 Signs That Termite Control Is Necessary

  1. You Hear Noises. Soldier termites bang their heads or shake their bodies to alert the colony of danger. If you hear a soft clicking in your walls, it may be a soldier termite doing its job. You may also be able to hear the sound of worker termites eating the wood inside your ceiling and walls.
  2. You Find Droppings. Termites like clean pathways, so they will push their droppings (called frass) out of their tunnels. It looks similar to sawdust. Our professionals may look at the frass to help us determine the size of the termite infestation. The best place to check for this sign is in your attic.
  3. You Encounter Hollow Wood. When termites eat, they consume from the inside of the wood outwards. They will leave a thin outer layer of wood or paint behind. If you find an area where your trim or baseboards feel thin or you hear a hollow sound in your walls, this is a sign that termite control is needed. If you were to break the wood open, you would likely see their tunnels running through it.
  4. Your House Has Warped Windows and Doors. Termites create moisture in the wood while they eat. This can warp your windows and doors, making them difficult to open or close.

If you notice any of these signs of a termite infestation, give us a call at Pest Advisor. We will inspect your home free of charge and advise you on steps to take to guard your home against termites. We can provide you with effective termite control as well if needed.