4 Raccoon Control Tips to Prevent a Raccoon Problem

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Unwanted pests around your home can be one of the most frustrating issues to deal with. One of these unwanted guests that can pose a problem for your yard and around your home is the raccoon. If you want to prevent a raccoon problem around your home, here are 4 raccoon control tips to consider.

4 Raccoon Control Tips to Prevent a Raccoon Problem

  1. Keep your trash cans secured. Your garbage can is one of a raccoon’s favorite food sources, so blocking access to that food source is crucial for raccoon control. Keep your trash can hidden in a garage if possible, but if you do have to have your trash outside, make sure the lid is always tightly secured, so raccoons can’t get inside.
  2. Keep pet food inside. Your dog’s food is just as appealing to raccoons as it is to your dog. To block that source, make sure to keep your pet food inside, or if you do feed your pets outside, remember to bring the food in at the end of the day.
  3. Utilize fences. If you have a garden, pond, or other lawn feature that might tempt a raccoon, enclose the area in a fence if possible. Electric fences in particular can be helpful, as raccoons are very intelligent, and the electricity adds an extra barrier.
  4. Control hiding places. Raccoons are attracted to dark hiding spaces, such as crawlspaces and under your deck. Blocking these areas off with some sort of barrier is an effective form of raccoon control.

Raccoons can be annoying to deal with, so if you’ve developed a raccoon problem around your home, reach out to us here at Pest Advisor for more raccoon control tips or a raccoon removal service.