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We recommend regular termite control services to avoid damage to your home.

The frustrating thing about termites is that you can experience a great deal of damage to your Lakeland, Florida home before there are any apparent signs of a termite problem. This is due, in part, to the tendency for them to begin their feeding frenzy deep inside the wood. They might eventually reach the surface, but often they do not. At Pest Advisor, we offer comprehensive termite control services that educate you about the different species of termites in Florida and how to control them.

Termite Control in Lakeland, Florida

Whether you notice signs of a termite problem or not, we recommend calling for a termite inspection annually. This gives us the opportunity to deal with any termites before they can cause damage.

We assess every situation carefully so that we can provide the best solution for termite control. We are equipped to handle any type of situation, even complex ones where tent fumigation is the best course of action. Tent fumigation is the best way to deal with an extreme infestation, because it gets rid of all pests at every stage of their life cycle. Not only will your home be free of termites, but also any other pests that might be present. Gain peace of mind today by contacting us with any questions you might have about termite control or to schedule a free consultation.

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