Hornet Nest Removal, Lakeland, FL

Hornets look a lot like bees and wasps, but they aren’t all the same insects.

Did you know that hornets are some of the most aggressive insects found in the Lakeland, Florida area? While there are many common bugs that are an annoyance to deal with, hornets can create a dangerous situation in a short amount of time.

Hornet Nest Removal in Lakeland, Florida

If you’ve discovered a hornet’s nest on your property, you should never attempt to get rid of it on your own. These stinging insects are very territorial and aggressive, which could put you, your family, and your pets in harm’s way. Rather than attempting to complete hornet nest removal on your own, it’s important to call in a professional pest control company that can provide safe and complete removal.

Hornets look a lot like bees and wasps, but they aren’t all the same insects. Hornets are carnivores, feeding on other insects, and they reproduce rapidly, which can lead to large nests in a brief period of time. Furthermore, hornets like to build their nests in high places, like the eaves of a roof or the beams of an attic, making their nests difficult to reach and giving them an advantage on the offensive.

At Pest Advisor, our owner has over four decades of experience assisting clients with pest control solutions, including hornet nest removal. When you call on us for hornet control, we’ll assess the situation and provide complete hornet nest removal services that leave you feeling confident the issue is resolved. We want to ensure that you and your family have a safe place to live, work, and play!

If you have questions about our pest control services or need to schedule hornet nest removal, contact us today. We are standing by!

Hornet Nest Removal in Auburndale, FL