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We provide a range of pest control services, including professional earwig control.

The sight of an earwig is often enough to send shivers down your spine, especially when it’s crawling through your living space. Earwigs are insects with pincers at the end of their abdomens, six legs, and antennae. Even though they’re not particularly dangerous, they can use their forceps to grab onto humans or animals when they feel agitated. They’re also unpleasant to look at it, and most people do not want to share their homes with these creatures. Unfortunately, the sight of a few earwigs often indicates a larger problem that needs to be addressed in the home.

Earwig Control in Auburndale, Florida

Our team at Pest Advisor can take care of an earwig infestation of any size in your Auburndale, Florida home. We work with local clients to provide a range of pest control services, including professional earwig control. The first step in our earwig control process involves performing a thorough assessment of the property, which allows us to locate where the earwigs have taken up residence. When we find the source of the earwigs, we’ll target these nests, which are short tunnels found in the soil. Treating the problem at the source is the most effective way to eliminate earwigs for good.

In addition to earwig control, our experienced technicians can perform other pest control services at your home as well. We specialize in ant, bee, wasp, spider, hornet, tick, silverfish, and termite control. Our technicians can also perform animal control to remove rodents and raccoons from your property. Contact us to schedule your consultation for pest control.

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