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We’re experts in bee control service and can eliminate an infestation at your home.

Bees are important in our ecosystem as their pollination process helps flowers and plants to grow and thrive. However, their presence on your property can be problematic as bees are known to sting when they feel threatened. If you see a swarm of bees or a hive at your home, it’s important to bring in a professional who can take care of the problem safely and effectively. Trying to remove bees on your own could result in stings, which are painful and can cause severe allergic reactions. Bees can sting animals and humans, putting your family and any pets at risk.

Bee Control in Auburndale, Florida

Here in Auburndale, Florida and the surrounding area, property owners can trust our team at Pest Advisor to perform bee control. We’re experts in bee control service and can eliminate an infestation at your home. Our clients also include real estate professionals who are managing the sales of properties with bee problems. The sight of even a few bees during a walk-through could be enough to deter a potential buyer, especially if they have an allergy to bee stings.

When we perform bee control service, we use proven practices and safe methods to target and eliminate these flying insects. Our goal is to protect your home and those who live there from the painful and potentially harmful effects of bee stings. We have a team of experienced technicians working under an owner who has been in the pest control industry for more than 45 years. For more information about bee control or to schedule a consultation, give us a call today.

Bee Control in Lakeland, FL


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