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We take a serious approach to rodent control to protect the health and safety of our clients.

Rodents are gnawing mammals that often leave a wake of destruction wherever they go. This animal classification includes rats, squirrels, mice, and similar creatures, and they are distinguished by their constantly growing incisors in both the upper and lower jaws. The rodent order of animals constitutes the largest order of mammals, so it makes sense that these creatures are found all over the world in large quantities. Many come looking for food and water sources, leading them directly into peoples’ homes. However, the presence of rodents in your living space is cause for concern. Not only can rodents cause a lot of damage as they chew through items in their path, but they can also carry and spread diseases and create safety hazards in the home.

Rodent Control in Lakeland, Florida

At Pest Advisor, we take a serious approach to rodent control to protect the health and safety of our clients. We recommend contacting us for rodent control at the first sign of a rodent, whether you spot the actual animal scurrying through your space or find droppings anywhere in the home. Even if you haven’t seen a rodent or signs that one might be present, we’re happy to schedule a complimentary consultation to look for rodents in your Lakeland, Florida home. Many types of rodents will stay out of sight to protect themselves, which means you may not know when they’ve taken up residence in your living space. In fact, approximately 21 million homes in the U.S. have rodents living in them. Don’t let your home be part of this concerning figure – contact us to schedule a rodent control service.

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