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You can trust us to provide reliable raccoon control at your property.

Raccoons may be cute, but the last thing you want is for one or several of them to visit you at home. Raccoons have adapted to living around humans, to our detriment. They can be a major nuisance because they cause property damage and leave messes wherever they go. Raccoons often ruin gardens and crops, and they have been known to be very problematic in attics, where they chew wiring, destroy fascia boards and shingles, tear apart insulation, and leave droppings behind.

Raccoon Control in Dundee, Florida

In addition, raccoons carry infectious diseases, such as the dangerous rabies virus, that they can transmit to people and other animals. Because you don’t want to deal with these damages and risks any more than the next person, we provide raccoon control for your safety and peace of mind.

At Pest Advisor, we are licensed to provide all aspects of animal control and trapping, and that includes raccoon control. We understand how raccoons behave. For example, we know they are nocturnal, solitary creatures that will eat almost anything, and we also know where they usually hide and when they are most active.

We also know what steps you can take to prevent raccoons from entering your home or property. Our extensive knowledge allows us to resolve your raccoon problem effectively and humanely, so you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

We are proud to serve the Dundee, Florida community with professional pest and animal control services. If you need raccoon control, give us a call, and we will make an appointment to serve you as soon as possible.

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