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Our rodent control service includes the removal of rats, mice, squirrels, and skunks to keep your home safe and clean.

The rodent classification includes various species of gnawing mammals that are known for leaving a trail of destruction behind them. What distinguishes this particular classification are two sets of incisors in the upper and lower jaws that constantly grow throughout the lifespan of the animal. The most common rodents found in the Auburndale, Florida area include rats, mice, squirrels, and skunks. The presence of any of these rodents in your home is cause for concern, as they can carry diseases and cause significant damage throughout the living space. They often use their growing and sharp incisors to chew through electrical wiring, drywall, and other materials used to construct a house. Rodents also leave droppings behind, which can spread disease and threaten the health and safety of your space.

Rodent Control in Auburndale, Florida

At Pest Advisor, we specialize in rodent control for local customers who don’t want to share their homes with worrisome creatures. Our rodent control service includes the removal of all four of these types of animals to keep your home safe and clean. We have a team of experienced technicians who can assess your property to locate any signs of rodent infestations.

After we perform the initial assessment, we’ll talk to you about the plan to eliminate these concerning creatures for good. Our rodent control technicians can also provide tips to help prevent rodent infestations in the future. If your home is one of the estimated 21 million residences in the nation where rodents are present, you can count on us to take care of the problem and protect your living space.

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